Prevent Florida Motorcycle Theft! Secure your Bike!

You may have noticed the rise in Florida motorcycle theft in 2017. Orlando, Florida and the Florida panhandle have become hot spots for motorcycle theft over the past couple years. Unfortunately, criminals are going to do their thing. Although we cannot completely stop them, there are things that you can do to help prevent yourself from being a victim of motorcycle theft in Florida. One of the worse feelings in the world is coming out of your home, work, or any other location and noticing that your beloved motorcycle is not where you left it.

There are two very common methods of bike theft in Florida, ride-away or grab-and-go. We will brief you on each and give you some tips on preventing both. Although there is no way to completely eliminate motorcycle theft, there are ways to create a struggle or deterrent for Special motorcycle lock against theft in Orlandocriminals.

Ride Away Motorcycle Theft

Just as it sounds, ride away motorcycle theft is when criminals will just ride away on your bike. Unlike other types of motorcycle theft, ride away theft only takes one criminal. The thief will try to disable any locks or alarms, jump start your bike and be on their way, leaving no trace that your bike was even there. So, how do you prevent ride away motorcycle theft in places like Orlando Florida?

  • Cover your motorcycle– Sure it may seem like a hassle to cover your bike every time you get off of it. Covering your motorcycle will not only prevent a deterrent for Florida motorcycle thieves, it will also hide the value of your bike. Leaving your bike open allows criminals just riding around to see the value of your motorcycle without much effort.
  • Alarm System- The motorcycle anti-theft industry has improved over the years. There are alarm systems that you can attach to your key ring or belt loop that will sound if something is fumbled with on your bike. Although this will not prevent theft, it will allow you to know immediately if your bike is in the process of being stolen or vandalized.
  • Locks- Find an area that you can lock your motorcycle up. Secure posts, poles, or guard rails can serve as a good lock base to chain your motorcycle too.

Grab and Go Motorcycle Theft

Although grab and go motorcycle theft takes a little more time than just jump starting a motorcycle and riding away, it is still a very common form of motorcycle theft in Florida. Typically, grab and go motorcycle theft involves more than one person in order to load the motorcycle onto a trailer or break it down into parts. Using the same techniques to prevent a ride away motorcycle theft, you can help prevent a grab and go motorcycle theft. Covers, alarms, and locks are the best ways to help prevent motorcycle theft in Florida.

Looking to avoid the risk of having your motorcycle stolen? Want to sell your used motorcycle before you become a victim of motorcycle theft in Florida? Contact us today and we will help you get top dollar for your used motorcycle in Orlando or Jacksonville Florida.

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