Ride from Tallahassee to Panama City, Florida!

gulf-coast-cruiseNew Florida motorcycle buyers are always looking for the best routes to take their new motorcycle out on. Finding a scenic or adventurous route can give motorcycle buyers an entirely new view on owning a motorcycle. We have come across a very beautiful route in the Florida panhandle for your to try out. This route will take you from Tallahassee, Florida to Panama City, FL or vise verse.

It is called the Gulf Coast Cruise of Florida. Florida’s Gulf Coast Cruise will take you from Tallahassee, Florida through Bethel and Newport, FL towards a small Florida town called Tully. Tully, FL will lead you to Florida’s Gulf Coast, giving this scenic route its name, The Gulf Coast Cruise.

When it comes to a scenic route, the Gulf Coast Cruise of the Florida Panhandle will take you from the Appalachian mountains of Tallahassee, through dense forestry, ending in a beautiful coastline ride for the final stretch. As Florida does not contain a very hilly landscape Florida residents who try this route will experience a change of terrain as you riding up and down the subtle hills of Florida. There is not much commercial activity, but there are some interesting structures or bridges that you will be able to cross as you continue along your journey.

There are not many roadside amenities as you continue on through your journey, there are some state or national parks that you can stop at to relax and eat lunch. When you plan to take the Florida Gulf Coast Cruise, know that you are taking a scenic route, the landscape, terrain and the beautiful sites are the main focus of your trip.

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