How to Avoid Spring Break

For many motorcyclists, spring break has its advantages and disadvantages. Some believe that spring break is the perfect opportunity to explore, let off some steam and relax. Others believe that it’s the time college students let loose, prior to the stress of finals and graduation. Whatever the reason may be, whether the destination is “spring-break worthy” or not, what makes or breaks a successful spring break is affordability, accessibility and popularity.

This Spring Break

Avoid Spring Break getaway

So, it’s been said that the most popular places to visit during spring break are Cancun, Miami Beach and the Bahamas. Although those are all nice places to visit, sometimes motorcyclists just want to travel to a quiet place and avoid all that mayhem and traffic.

There’s something unique and satisfying about riding across country by motorcycle. It is as if it enhances the sense of freedom. Most motorcycle enthusiasts are not the traditional “Spring Break Florida” types.  You could never experience nature’s true beauty up close from being cooped up inside of a car. This spring break, you can try something different and travel to areas that aren’t really talked about.

Unique Places To Ride Motorcycles

Below are a couple of unique venues for motorcycles riders who want to get away from those popular spring break places.

  • Tail of the Dragon: this ride extends out on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. It’s said to be known for its tight curves and sheer exhilaration. A lot of die-hard sport bike riders and touring enthusiasts enjoy this scenery and location because it allows for them to test their cornering skills. The Tail of the Dragon is definitely a thrill!
  • Peak to Peak Highway: Yes, this ride may be only 60 miles long, but it’ll be the best 60-mile ride of your life. Combined with sensational twists and turns, the Peak to Peak Highway has some of the finest scenery you could ever gaze upon. As you are riding along the Colorado coast, you’ll notice Rocky Mountain vistas, moose and elks. This trip is also great for hiking and camping!

Want to Avoid Spring Break?

Bikers, are you trying to avoid riding your motorcycle in the most popular areas during spring break? Or perhaps, you’ve outgrown your riding days and are looking for a motorcycle buyer in Miami? Sell My Motorcycle Online can help! Contact us or fill out a free quote today. You don’t want to miss out!